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  1. discord

    Who don't know we have discord channel. So if you want to join and have chat with players click on this link. https://discord.gg/T3BZ9BY
  2. Skilling

    I think better to add straight teleports to mining zones. On second question voted NO because I don't know the real experiences from all ores maybe on coal or other gives quite good exp. And about runecrafting, this skill always slow and boring so i would love to see anything that can make this skill faster.
  3. Combat overlay

    Yes of course, it very useful. also potions, poison, freeze, veng, teleblock, antifire,stamina timer system needed.
  4. Pvp, skilling task

    I had this idea almost a week ago, but only now I decided to write about it. So its almost like slayer task(where NPC gives you to kill any kind of monster) but these task will give more activities to skillers or pkers. One of the examples for skillers are to chop 200 yew logs, mine 100 mithril ores or successfully cook 300 lobsters. For pvp we can make task depends on armour what you wear, when you kill other guy in wild like 10 kills on rune, dharok set. Ideas for skilling task shop : Experience-boosting sets : http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Experience-boosting_set (better to make you can buy full set by points, not a separate part of outfit like gloves 20points, boots 30points) Gem, coal bags, herb sack, seed box, runecrafting pounches Magic secateurs Ideas for pvp task shop : Random weapons, armours but not best ones Looting bag, Rune pounch Hunter's honour, Rogue's revenge
  5. xp rate, items

    Arba leisti pasirinkti kelis xp variantus. Dabartiniams vartotojams irgi išmestu galimybę pasirinkti ar nori žaisti su kokiais 20-100xp rates, ar didesniais 500+ . Pasirinkęs xp rate kiekį būtų prie dabartiniu xp arba pridedama apskaičiavus seną turėtą stats xp ir konvertavus į naują, arba sumažinama jeigu pasirenki sunkesnį žaidimo rėžimą. Bet kaip ir daugelyje serverių mažesnis xp rates turėtų suteikti kažkokių ir papildomų privilegijų.
  6. goal

    Good luck, but there is no smoke devils in game yet.
  7. Simple Runelive banner

    never done something like this. If 1/100 people will like this I will be happy. Later I will try to make more variants.