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  1. Slayer masters locations

    Very nice guide! =)
  2. Player based trading post

    It's not a shit decision. I think it would be easier to sell/buy things for people from players.
  3. Player based trading post

    Good evening guys! Today i was thinking about adding a trading post which would improve our game. What you think about it? Let's vote yes or no, need trading post or no. I prefer to add it because that would be very cool to fast buy from other people what you need and fast to sell for higher prices than in general store your useless items. Let me know what you think dear players! Post your opinions below and leave your vote out here.
  4. Crystal chest ( location, rewards )

    Perfect guide thank you.
  5. [Official] Price Guide

    I can not promise that these prices will always be accurate. If the prices of an item have risen or falled, please just post about it. I will check around in game, and will then change the guide if needed. It all gonna change, but you will have in mind some prices. Don't forget that you can use ctrl+f and search for your item a lot of faster! WEAPONS GWD Weapons: Armadyl Godsword - N/A Bandos Godsword - N/A Saradomin Godsword - N/A Zamorak Godsword - N/A Saradomin Sword - N/A Zamorakian Spear - N/A Misc Weapons: Abyssal Whip - 6-9M Dark Bow - 4-5m Dragon Claws - N/A Granite Maul - 3-5M ARMOURS Barrows: Dharok's Greataxe - 7M Dharok's Helm - 7M Dharok's Platebody - 7M Dharok's Platelegs - 7M Karil's Crossbow - 1M Karil's Coif - 2M Karil's Leathertop - 4M Karil's Leatherskirt - 4M Ahrim's Staff - 1M Ahrim's Hood - 2M Ahrim's Robetop - 4M Ahrim's Robeskirt - 4M Torag's Hammers - 1M Torag's Helm - 2M Torag's Platebody - 3M Torag's Platelegs - 3M Guthan's Warspear - 2M Guthan's Helm - 3M Guthan's Platebody - 3M Guthan's Chainskirt - 3M Verac's Flail - 5M Verac's Helm - 6M Verac's Brassard - 7M Verac's Plateskirt - 7M GWD Armours: Bandos Chestplate - N/A Bandos Tassets - N/A Bandos Boots - N/A Armadyl Full Helmet - N/A Armadyl Chainbody - N/A Armadyl Chainskirt - N/A Spirit Shields: Divine Spirit Shield - N/A Arcane Spirit Shield - N/A Spectral Spirit Shield - N/A Elysian Spirit Shield - N/A Dragon Armours: Dragon Full Helm - 12,5M Dragon Platebody - 35M Dragon Chainbody - 10M Dragon Platelegs - 3M Dragon Plateskirt - 2,5M Dragon Boots - 4M Dragon Sq Shield - 2M Misc Armours: Slayer Helmet - 35M Dragonfire Shield - 30M RARES Partyhats: Green Partyhat - N/A Yellow Partyhat - N/A Red Partyhat - N/A Purple Partyhat - N/A Blue Partyhat - N/A White Partyhat - N/A Halloween Masks: Green H'ween Mask - N/A Blue H'ween Mask - N/A Red H'ween Mask - N/A Black H'ween Mask - N/A Misc Rares: Santa Hat - N/A MISC GWD Items: Armadyl Hilt - N/A Bandos Hilt - N/A Saradomin Hilt - N/A Zamorak Hilt - N/A Godsword Shard 1 - N/A Godsword Shard 2 - N/A Godsword Shard 3 - N/A Godsword Blade - N/A Zerker Rings: Berserker Ring - 5M Archers' Ring - 5M Seers' Ring - 3M Warrior Ring - 2M 3rd Age Items: 3rd Age Range Coif - N/A 3rd Age Range Top - N/A 3rd Age Range Legs - N/A 3rd Age Vambraces - N/A 3rd Age Mage Hat - N/A 3rd Age Robe Top - N/A 3rd Age Robe Skirt - N/A 3rd Age Amulet - N/A 3rd Age Full Helmet - N/A 3rd Age Platebody - N/A 3rd Age Platelegs - N/A 3rd Age Kiteshield - N/A Other Items: Robin Hood Hat - N/A Ranger Boots - N/A Mages' Book - N/A Berserker Necklase - N/A Amulet Of Fury - 20M Supplies: Rocktails - N/A Sharks - 2K each Prayer Potions - 30K each NOTICE: I am more than aware this guide is not completed. If you see that there is a specific item/items missing from the guide, please post or pm me the items. Also, please discuss with others as to what a good price would be. Everything gonna be updated every day. Thanks for reading!
  6. Updates 2018-11-17

    Great job! Can't wait for more quests. <3
  7. Updates 2018-11-16

    Getting better & better everyday, keep it up!
  8. Skilling

    Vote on this poll for future updates.
  9. Gerb. Žaidėjai, savininkas Paulius (žinomas kaip Mod Paul) yra išvykęs į komandiruotę, grįš rytoj arba ketvirtadienį ir sulauksite atnaujinimų, prašome jūsų kantrybės. Serveris niekada nebus apleistas, nenuleiskite rankų ir nepalikite mūsų likimo valiai, stenkitės išlaikyti šiokį tokį žaidėjų skaičių, taip skatinsite atnaujinimus ir visus kitus darbus. Kartu mes galime pasiekti labai daug! Tereikia laiko, noro ir jūsų pagalbos! Daugiau pozityvumo, mažiau neigiamų emocijų, minčių. Pažadam gerą žaidimą. Ačiū tiems kurie yra ir kurie žada būti lojalūs žaidėjai, ačiū, kad žaidžiate! Peace ❤
  10. siulau

    Not a bad idea! English please on forums. Thank you.
  11. Enterial

    Welcome my friend! Good luck in game.
  12. Hello

    Sure here you go: P.S It's RuneLive not RuneLite.
  13. Simple Runelive banner

    Not bad, i like it.
  14. Let's try to make a Runelive banners. This one i made fast:
  15. Staff List