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    Updates: Fixed bank tabs disaper bug
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    Updates: Added npc combat box Added effect timers Added kalphite soldiers, worker and guardian drops Shop restock rewrited: * Restock new forumla (maxamount - current amount) * 0,05 Example : Feathers in shop max amount 20000, current stock 14000 (20000-14000) * 0,05 = 300. It will restock 300 feathers, before always restocked only one.
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    i think we know who always ONLINE .. ALWAYS
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    Updates: Fixed firemaking Added crafting(glass blowing, leather making, gem cutting, ) This week i planning add amulet stringing, bolt tips makings... Fixed some errors This week i planning to complete all skills ant start with quests ant achievements, bossing ..
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    Updates: Added smithing Fixed runecrafting bug Added agility(gnome, barbarian, seers roofs, ardougne roofs) Fixed jad stats Added tzhaar city drops Added ironman icon to clanchats
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    Yep they will.be added