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    Updates: Added fishing skill Added cooking skill Web updates: www.runelive.lt domain now working correctly Buyed new runelive.eu domain
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    Runelive newbie guide Shops:
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    Updates: Fixed bank tabs disaper bug
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    i think we know who always ONLINE .. ALWAYS
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    Updates: Fixed firemaking Added crafting(glass blowing, leather making, gem cutting, ) This week i planning add amulet stringing, bolt tips makings... Fixed some errors This week i planning to complete all skills ant start with quests ant achievements, bossing ..
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    Updates: Added smithing Fixed runecrafting bug Added agility(gnome, barbarian, seers roofs, ardougne roofs) Fixed jad stats Added tzhaar city drops Added ironman icon to clanchats
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    Yep they will.be added
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    Updates: Added mining skill Added pure essence mining (50% chance get 5 noted ess) Added runecrafting pouches In Bob Store pure essense changed to rune essence From now to make better runes you will need pure essense Added pickaxes, axes to bob store Fixed bug when used item on player you get dc
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    ideja gera pritariu siaip toks ir servas geriausas butu nu kaip osrs daro pagal votes balsuoja kaip zmones nori taip padaro atsisako idejos nedaro ir pan juk ir serveri gali padaryt kaip dauguma nori pageidauja zmoniem nuo to geriau, o savininkui zmoniu geriau tik pinigai
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    Elemental workshop place. Iejimas nuo 95 slay West Earth elemental. East Air elemental. South Fire elemental. Stats. Drop list. North Water elemental. Stats. Drop list. Kolkas tiek, bet ateityje
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    Del item dar yra laiko, tačiau del xp rates, nemanai kad jau po laiko? nes yra tokiu kurie nemazai 99 turi su tais paciais xp rates, jeigu pakels, tai tiesiog neteisinga butu.
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    verkiat visi del tu xp rates nu nezinau man tai greit viskas kyla norit kas per 2h butu 99 viskas nu neidomu taip tai per para maxed total second taip visko truksta boss/skills i pan ides juk tvarko padeda ir pan, bet del XP RATES nu gal jei jau taip visiem blogai tai gali padidint biski. asmeniskai man tai ir taip dideli tie rates..
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    esu skaites kad 93 kai pakeli slay tower drop rate biski pakyla
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    Updates: Fixed update bug(Dc before time run out) Fixed dragon scimitar special attack Fixed yell command Fixed clan chat button Fixed rune battle axe attack animation Changed Tuna amount in shop from 2000 to 20000 Fixed fremenink cloak slot Fixed bug when ironman can't pickup back animated armor's drop Fixed bug when enought one player instead three to start game Added green, blue and red d'hides armors in range shop Added message to slayer point store how many slayer points you have DOWNLOAD NEW CLIENT 1.01 TO PLAY
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    Updates: - Fixed double player options(follow, trade) - Fixed bug with level up interface - Added experiments zone - Added ancient altar at home - Added normal altar at home - Fixed pest control - Added healer npc at home - Added drops to man
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    never done something like this. If 1/100 people will like this I will be happy. Later I will try to make more variants.
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    Siulau addinti viena custom item arba 2. Ir bossa custom. Item dragon shortbow, butu toks pats kaip magic tik range bonusu dadetu daugiau ir spalva kita. Bossas, kolodion spider forma. Location same as Crazy archelog. Dropintu ranger seta, crystal bow, shield, onyx.