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  2. Updates 2018-11-14 #3

    That's nice, thanks.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Updates 2018-11-14 #3

    Updates: Fixed bank tabs disaper bug
  5. Updates 2018-11-14 #2

    Updates: Added fletching: Arrows fletching Bolt fletching Bows fletching Darts fletcing Fixed tanning interface Fixed bugs with crafting Added bolt enchanting
  6. Moderator/Support.

    i think we know who always ONLINE .. ALWAYS
  7. Moderator/Support.

    I think that server need support or mod, bcuz people like to see mod , supports online when i come to server, they feel more pleased than see other players telling them what to do.
  8. Last week
  9. Updates 2018-11-14

    Nice, ill come after all my order done
  10. Updates 2018-11-14

    well done bro
  11. Updates 2018-11-14

    Updates: Fixed firemaking Added crafting(glass blowing, leather making, gem cutting, ) This week i planning add amulet stringing, bolt tips makings... Fixed some errors This week i planning to complete all skills ant start with quests ant achievements, bossing ..
  12. Skilling

    tai kam tu zymi no jei nezinai xp .. as ir pakeliau skandala kad mazas xp ir pan.. tai pirma isitikink kad letas xp tada zymek ne... nu bl bl
  13. Skilling

    I think better to add straight teleports to mining zones. On second question voted NO because I don't know the real experiences from all ores maybe on coal or other gives quite good exp. And about runecrafting, this skill always slow and boring so i would love to see anything that can make this skill faster.
  14. Skilling

    Vote on this poll for future updates.
  15. Updates 2018-11-12

    Updates: Added smithing Fixed runecrafting bug Added agility(gnome, barbarian, seers roofs, ardougne roofs) Fixed jad stats Added tzhaar city drops Added ironman icon to clanchats
  16. Updates 2018-11-11 #3

    Updates: Added fight caves Fixed spinolyps damamge
  17. Updates 2018-11-11 #2 Updated

    thank you finally
  18. Updates 2018-11-11 #2 Updated

    Server Updates: Fixed range bug when u att monster character run near Fixed bob store Changed ava's arrows save rate from 60% to 80% Fixed earth bolt splash xp Fixed npc thieving bug Client Updates: After relog chatbox will be fully cleaned(start working after new client)
  19. Updates 2018-11-11

    Updates: Fixed mage defense bonuses against mage npc Fixed splash gfx against npc Fixed dharoks axe anims Added Mos Le'Harmless Caves Added cave horros who drops black mask Added ring of wealth to armors store(you can chesk boss log with ring)
  20. Combat overlay

    Yep they will.be added
  21. Combat overlay

    Yes of course, it very useful. also potions, poison, freeze, veng, teleblock, antifire,stamina timer system needed.
  22. Combat overlay

    Add to server that table in left side who shows npc/players hp?
  23. Updates 2018-11-10 #2

    Updates: Rewrited range formulas Rewrited magic formulas Removed kurask form medium slayer tasks Added fire giant drops Fixed mystic armors price in shop
  24. Updates 2018-11-10

    Updates: Fixed bob store Fixed rune ess mining Rewirited melee forumlas Fixed mining level up interface Fixed magic slpash gfx
  25. Updates 2018-11-09 #3

    Updates: Added mining skill Added pure essence mining (50% chance get 5 noted ess) Added runecrafting pouches In Bob Store pure essense changed to rune essence From now to make better runes you will need pure essense Added pickaxes, axes to bob store Fixed bug when used item on player you get dc
  26. Updates 2018-11-09 #2

    Updates: Added woodcutting skill Added firemaking skill
  27. Updates 2018-11-09

    Good shit bro, glad to see you back.
  28. Updates 2018-11-09

    Updates: Added fishing skill Added cooking skill Web updates: www.runelive.lt domain now working correctly Buyed new runelive.eu domain
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